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Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K)

For your convenience, the Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K) comes with a 140W USB-C to USB-C cable. As a

Anker 733 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 65W)

Because it is powered by GaNPrimeTM technology, the Anker 733 Power Bank is dependable and powerful. GaNPrimeTM, a revolutionary technology

Anker 737 Charger (GanPrime 120W)

The Anker 737 Charger (GanPrime 120W) is not only useful, but it also looks great in any environment. It is

Anker Magnetic Battery (MagGo 621)

With the Anker Magnetic Battery (MagGo 621), staying charged while on the road is simple. With its wireless charging features,

WIWU Alpha Slim Sleeve 15.6″ Laptop Bag

If you’re looking for a bag that will protect your laptop to the greatest extent possible, the WIWU Alpha Slim

WIWU Alita Skin Pro 15.4″ MacBook Pro Slim Stand Sleeve.

The Alita Skin Pro 15.4″ MacBook Pro Slim Laptop Bag, an appropriate accessory for your Apple laptop, is available from

WIWU Skin Pro Genuine Leather Sleeve For MacBook 16″

Genuine Leather Case for Apple MacBook Pro 16″ by WIWU Skin Pro! Wrap your 16-inch Macbook Pro in style with

AirPods Pro (2nd generation) White

The new white AirPods Pro (2nd generation) has twice the Active sounds Cancellation to filter out background sounds. Get ready

Anker Magnetic Battery (MagGo)

If you value dependability and power, the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) is the only wireless charger you need to

DUDAO A11 3in1 Wireless Charger

Are you looking for a means to charge all of your electrical devices at the same time? The DUDAO A11

DUDAO R2PRO 3.1A Bluetooh Mp3 Car Charger

Check out the DUDAO R2PRO 3.1A Bluetooth Mp3 Car Charger for dependable power and uninterrupted music on the go. This

DUDAO F20 15W Memory Wireless Charger

Do you want to find out how to charge your phone while traveling in a car? To charge your device

DUDAO Y13 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Are you looking for a portable music player that does not sacrifice sound quality or style? You’ve found it with

DUDAO X9Pro Original Earphones

If you need a new set of headphones, the DUDAO X9Pro Original Headphones are an excellent option. These headphones have

DUDAO X3PRO Type C Earphones

The DUDAO X3PRO Type Headphones will help you get the most out of your Samsung S20, S21, S23, or any

DUDAO X10S In Ear Headset 1200mm

The DUDAO X10S In-Ear Headset 1200mm is the ideal device for hands-free music listening, movie viewing, and phone calls. The

DUDAO X1PROT Type C In Ear Earphone

Are you looking for a pair of headphones that not only sound excellent but also look stylish and modern? The

DUDAO K6PRO+ 20000mAH Power Bank

The Dudao K6Pro+ is a portable power bank with a big punch in a small package. This high-quality portable charger

DUDAO Y2 Portable Wireless Speaker

Need a portable speaker for your active lifestyle? Star Gallery Mart Mobile Accessories offers the DUDAO Y2 Portable Wireless Speaker!

DUDAO K4S 10000mAH Power Bank

Are you constantly on the go and in need of a way to charge your electronics? If yes, I strongly

Accessories & Gadgets

Want to upgrade your digital life with state-of-the-art devices and high-quality electronic add-ons? Star Gallery Mart is your one-stop shop! When it comes to technology, we have everything you could possibly want in one convenient location. We have everything you need, from adapters and cables to computer peripherals and mobile accessories, earbuds and power banks, and everything in between.

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Adapters & Cables

Frustrated by mismatched adapters and tangled wires? Explore our selection of premium adapters and cables that will allow you to connect any device with ease. Put your charging concerns to rest and take advantage of our hassle-free alternatives.

Computer Accessories

Our high-quality selection of computer add-ons will help you turn your desktop into a sleek and functional workspace. We provide everything you need to work more efficiently and in comfort, from laptop stands and keyboards to mice and keyboards.

Earphones & Headphones

Take your listening experience to the next level with our selection of high-quality headphones and earbuds. Headphones can improve your listening and talking experiences in a number of ways, from being wireless and portable to blocking out ambient noise.

Holders & Stands

Our unique holders and supports put your devices right where you need them, at the ideal viewing angle. We provide products that combine form and function, such as a robust phone holder for the automobile and an adjustable tablet stand for the kitchen.

Lamps & Lights

Our selection of lights and lamps will shed some light on your world while also being kind to the environment. It’s a win-win: you get the optimum lighting for your space while your energy bill goes down.

Mouse & Keyboards

Get the most out of your computer with our selection of responsive mouse and keyboards. Whether you’re a gamer, designer, or just someone who uses input devices occasionally, you’ll find that our products meet your every need in terms of accuracy, comfort, and longevity.

Power Banks

Our portable power banks will keep you charged and online wherever you go. Our portable chargers mean you’ll never have to worry about your electronics losing power again, no matter where you happen to be.

Protectors & Covers

Use our protective products to keep your electronics safe from wear and tear. Use protective accessories like screen protectors and hard cases to keep your electronics in excellent condition without sacrificing aesthetics.


Take your listening experience to the next level with our selection of high-quality speakers. Our speakers will improve the quality of your audio whether you’re throwing a party or watching a movie.

Star Gallery Mart Electronics Store is dedicated to making your shopping experience a pleasant one. The needs of today’s tech enthusiasts have been taken into account while designing our products, and our dedicated support staff is always available to help. Come see what’s new in electronics accessories and gadgets in our shop, and see how your experience with technology can be improved.