Adapters & Cables

Anker 737 Charger (GanPrime 120W)

The Anker 737 Charger (GanPrime 120W) is not only useful, but it also looks great in any environment. It is

DUDAO A11 3in1 Wireless Charger

Are you looking for a means to charge all of your electrical devices at the same time? The DUDAO A11

DUDAO F20 15W Memory Wireless Charger

Do you want to find out how to charge your phone while traveling in a car? To charge your device

DUDAO L10P PD30W PD Fast Bend Cable

Star Gallery Mart now includes the Dudao L10P PD30W PD FAST BEND CABLE. With this cable, you can effortlessly synchronize

DUDAO L8PRO 3in1 Stretchable Cable

Looking for the most efficient charging cable? The DUDAO L8PRO 3IN1 STRETCHABLE CABLE is available at Star Gallery Mart and

Riversong PowerKub G65 Laptop Wall Charger – AD96

The 65W Riversong PowerKub G65-AD96 Laptop Wall Charger is now available at the Star Gallery Mart, and it is perfect

Riversong SafeKub D6 30w Wall Charger – AD28

In terms of charging convenience, the Riversong SafeKub D6 – AD28 30w Wall Charger sold by Star Gallery Marts is

Riversong Hercules C5 Nylon Type C To C 60w Cable – CT29

When it comes to charging and transmitting data between your type C mobile devices, the Star Gallery Marts Riversong Hercules

Riversonga Zeta Type C Cable – CT11A8

Charging a Type C smartphone is made easier and more reliable with the Star Gallery Marts Riversong Zeta CT11A8 charging

Riversong Beta 2M Lightning Charging Cable – CL115

The Riversong Beta CL115, found at Star Gallery Marts, is the best Lightning Charging Cable for your Apple devices. This

Riversong Alpha L5 Type C To Lightning Cable – CL90

Star Gallery Mart carries Lightning cable Riversong Alpha L5 – CL90 Cable, perfect for connecting your Type C mobile devices

Riversong Alpha S Lightning Cable – CL32

Star Gallery Mart has what you need, the Riversong Alpha S Lightning Cable – CL32 for your iPhone. Its length

Riversong Lotus 08 Lightning To Type-C Cable – CL76

The Lotus 08-CL76 lightning to Type-C cable by Riversong, available at Star Gallery Mart, is the ideal accessory for your

Riversong CT20 Beta Type-C Cable – 1 Meter

The Riversong Beta-CT20 Type C Cable, available at Star Gallery Mart, is the perfect solution for charging or transferring data

Riversong Hercules C2 Kevlar Type-C To Type-C 1.8m – CT40

This is the Riversong Hercules C2 – CT40 Type-C cable sold at Star Gallery Mart. The cable connections on your

Riversong Alpha S Type C Cable – CT32

Riversong Alpha S-CT32 is available from Star Gallery Mart. This Type C mobile device compatible 1-meter cable allows you to

Riversong C58 Multifunctional Infinity 3in1 Cable

The Riversong C58 Infinity 3IN1 from Star Gallery Mart is a state-of-the-art, flexible cable that will make your life easier.

Riversong CL118 Zeta Lightning Cable

The best Lightning cable sold by Star Gallery Marts is the Riversong CL118 Zeta USB-A. The exterior of this high-quality

Riversong 2M Type C Cable – CT115

Star Gallery Mart’s top-notch Riversong CT115 Type C Cable can now be used with your Apple device. This cable’s length

Porodo Dual Port Wall Charger

Dual Port Wall Charger Specifications Dual Port Type: USB-A (12W) Cable Length: 1.2m Input Voltage: 100V-240V Features A Quick Charger