Smart Home

Porodo Anti-spy Infrared Wireless Detector

Anti-spy Infrared Wireless Detector Specifications Brand Name: Porodo Product Name: Anti-spy Infrared Wireless Detector Battery Capacity: 250mAh Battery Time: 30

Porodo Lifestyle Smart Sensor-Door & Window

Smart Sensor-Door & Window Specifications Brand: Porodo Product Name: Lifestyle Smart Sensor-Door & Window Battery Life: 3500 Times Per Year

Porodo Lifestyle 4in1 Temperature And Humidity

4in1 Temperature And Humidity Sensor Specifications Brand: Porodo Product: 4in1 Temperature And Humidity Sensor Sensors: Temperature, Brightness, and Humidity Wi-Fi

Porodo Smart Motion Sensor With Temperature Sensors

Motion Sensor With Temperature Sensors Specifications Brand: Porodo Product Name: Smart Motion Sensor With Temperature Sensors Battery: 200 Times Per

Powerology 300w Power Series Cordless Vacuum

Specification Brand: Powerology Product Name: 300w Power Series Cordless Vacuum ​Features Better Battery Performance: About 26 minutes of use time

Green Lion Portable Blender Mug 320ml

Portable Blender Mug 320ml Specification Brand: Green Lion Product Name: Portable Blender Mug 320ml Type: Blender Mug Watts: 55W Battery

Green Lion Alkaline AAA Battery – Pack of 4

Alkaline AAA Battery Specification Brand: Green Lion Product Name:Alkaline AAA Battery – Pack of 4 Type: AAA Battery Voltage: 1.5V

Baseus Bright Car Reading Light

Specification Bright Car Reading Light Brand: Baseus Product Name: Bright Car Reading Light Material: PC+ABS Weight: about 109g Input: 5V/1A

Baseus Crescent Moon Human Body Sensor Night Light

Specification Crescent Moon Human Body Sensor Night Light Brand: Baseus Product Name: Crescent Moon Human Body Sensor Night Light Product

Baseus Solar Energy Wall Lamp

Specification Solar Energy Wall Lamp Brand: Baseus Product Name: Solar Energy Wall Lamp Material: ABS+PC Solar Panel Voltage: 5.5V Light

Baseus Minipeng Hand Washing Machine

Specification Brand: Baseus Product Name: Minipeng Hand Washing Machine Type: Hand Washing Machine Material: ABS Weight: 220g Current: 240mA Voltage:

Powerology Multi Surface Self-Cleaning Vacuum

Specification Multi Surface Self-Cleaning Vacuum Brand: Powerology Product Name: Multi-Surface Self-Cleaning Vacuum Voltage: 21.6V Battery Timings: 30-40 Minutes Suction Capacity:

Clikon Stainless Steel Water Boiler – CK5135

Specification Stainless Steel Water Boiler Brand: Clikon Product Name: Stainless Steel Water Boiler Model No: CK5135 Temperature Range: 30-100° Capacity:

Star Gallery Mart’s Smart Home Accessories

At Star Gallery Mart, we envision a future in which people’s daily lives are easier, more efficient, and more connected. Explore our Smart Home Devices section, the intersection of cutting-edge technology and practical home improvements. We’ve compiled an assortment of electronic smart home gadgets that promise to improve your quality of life, from blenders that predict your culinary needs to door sensors that keep you safe.

Blend with Precision 

Our selection of choppers and blenders are more than simply helpful appliances; they’re true friends in the kitchen. These devices guarantee flawlessly cooked meals every time because of clever features like programmable speed controls and user-friendly interfaces. Put an end to lumpy meals and hello to deliciousness instead.

Illuminate Brilliance

There’s more to lighting than merely providing illumination. Explore our variety of smart lights that permit you to modify the hue, brightness, and on/off schedule from your mobile device. Change your home’s atmosphere with the tap of a finger, the sound of your voice, or the execution of a program.

Chill with Ease 

The idea of having an ice maker that can anticipate your ice demands and produce it on demand has become a reality. Our ice makers guarantee that you will never be without ice again, whether you are having a quiet night in or entertaining guests. The next generation of chilling is here.

Monitor Comfort

Utilise real-time readings of temperature and humidity to maintain awareness of your surrounding conditions. Make sure your home is always at its most comfortable by designing the ideal setting for rest, work, or play.

Switch to Smart

Are you sick of getting up to turn things on and off? Take advantage of the mobility afforded by smart switches to manage your home’s gadgets from any location. Manage lighting, temperature, and other aspects of your house with ease.

Clean with Precision

Say goodbye to lugging along a bulky Vaccum. Intelligently navigating your home, our Vaccum cleaners leave no spot uncleaned. Let the machine do the cleaning while you kick back and relax.

Secure Your Space

Advanced door sensors that keep you informed and safe are a great way to increase your home’s security. Whether you’re at home or away, you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive quick alerts if any of your doors are opened or closed.

Here at Star Gallery Mart Electronics Store, we aim to exhibit more than simply items; we want to show you how technology can improve your daily life. Our Smart Home selection is your ticket to a world of unprecedented ease, productivity, and comfort. Join us in the digital age as we transform your home into a Star Gallery Mart Smart Home!