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Baseus Bright Car Reading Light

Specification Bright Car Reading Light Brand: Baseus Product Name: Bright Car Reading Light Material: PC+ABS Weight: about 109g Input: 5V/1A

Baseus Crescent Moon Human Body Sensor Night Light

Specification Crescent Moon Human Body Sensor Night Light Brand: Baseus Product Name: Crescent Moon Human Body Sensor Night Light Product

Baseus A2PRO Car Vacuum Cleaner

Specification Blustery Two Headed 360 Degree Car Fan Brand: Baseus Product Name: A2PRO Car Vacuum Cleaner Suction that is strong

Baseus Solar Energy Wall Lamp

Specification Solar Energy Wall Lamp Brand: Baseus Product Name: Solar Energy Wall Lamp Material: ABS+PC Solar Panel Voltage: 5.5V Light

Baseus Minipeng Hand Washing Machine

Specification Brand: Baseus Product Name: Minipeng Hand Washing Machine Type: Hand Washing Machine Material: ABS Weight: 220g Current: 240mA Voltage:

Baseus Qualcomm Quick Car Charge

Specifications Name: Qualcomm Quick Car Charge Brand: Baseus Type: Car Charger Model: Multi-Port Fast Charger Certification:RoHS Input: 12-24V DC Output Interface: 1 USB

Baseus Mp3 Wireless Car Charger CCLH-01

Specifications Brand: Baseus Product Type: FM Transmitter and Charger Combo USB Ports: 2 Input Voltage: 12-24 V Total USB Power

Baseus Adorkable Double USB Car Charger

Specifications Name: Adorkable Double USB Car Charger Brand: Baseus Type: USB Car Charger Model: Adorkable